Thursday, April 16, 2009

Same Child, Different Day: The Unknown

Autism is an unknown. My good friend Heidi, whom I've mentioned before, has a great saying: "If you've seen one child with've seen --- one child with autism". No two are alike, yet its the differences that join them.

The chapter of Same Child, Different Day: One family's experiences during the first year after a child's autism diagnosis entitled "The Unknown" is similar to "Bedtime" in that it's a short by informative chapter. It talks about those differences and many more: like what causes our son's meltdowns, won't be what causes your child's. Yet, it's those meltdowns that make them so similar.

And the cause of autism is yet to be proven; which makes it difficult to find the right mix of therapies that will work for you and yours. But what works for you, though it will differ from us and the rest of the world, will be what works for you. It's as simple as that.

There's the connection: It's all these differences that bind us. And that's what this chapter tries to share.

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~ Jon

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