Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Same Child, Different Day and 'Celebrate the Spectrum'

This booklet has proven to be a worthy resource in more than one way. For example, I was given the offer to speak in front of an autism support group because of the info I present in Same Child, Different Day. However, that turned into co-chairing that same group; Rutland, Vermont's 'Exceptional Parents of Exceptional Children' (EPEC).

And EPEC was once a small, little-known group until I had the good fortune to meet Heidi Corcoran Wener. Once we put our heads together, we were able to quickly turn what was formerly a monthly support group into the area's leading source for autism information and personal knowledge. And April will kick off "Celebrate the Spectrum", a month-long series of activities and events for folks living with autism, their families and the community-at-large.

"Celebrate the Spectrum" itself began life as merely a book reading, and has now turned into almost two dozen activities, presentations, events and celebrations of everything autism. If we could make Rutland, VT the premier go-to location for autism events (I say I'd like to make Rutland the Sturgis of Autism), then what a response from a little 50-page booklet.

The reading of Same Child, Different Day will still be the signature event of "Celebrate the Spectrum", but how exciting that it has grown to be so much larger than itself! And all in a few short months.


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