Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When Ordering Same Child, Different Day

I'd like to thank all who have ordered Same Child, Different Day and hope that you're finding it helpful, informative and enlightening. When you order the booklet, if you could leave me a comment here somewhere, it would be truly appreciated.

Let me know how you came upon the blog site for Same Child, Different Day; it's always fun to find out.

Also, I'm interested to know where you're from. It's interesting finding out what corners of the world our words are filling.

Finally, come back later and let me know what you think of the booklet; let others know as well. I'll take your words of encouragement and your critiques. Since Same Child, Different Day is for you, I can only make it better by hearing from you. And you'll be sharing your honest opinions with other readers. Besides, your opinions are less biased than mine.

Keep in mind that when you order, there is a drop-down for the price break-outs; select from the correct price group and you'll be given the opportunity to enter an exact quantity later. All the prices are in $US at this point - I don't have any way right now to accept foreign payments or convert foreign exchange. At this time I prefer and exclusively use PayPal. If you aren't comfortable ordering directly online (which is actually the most secure way you can go), PayPal provides a mountain of purchase options.

Anyhow, please keep reading and commenting and I'll keep trying to support you and make a difference in the lives of our special kids.

~ Jon

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrate the Spectrum Finale

Autism Awareness Month is behind us now; the conference speakers have packed up their projectors, the empty bottles have all been counted, volunteers have all gone home and we get to take a little break for a couple months. But all in all our Celebrate the Spectrum was a wonderful success; we look so forward to next year.

And Same Child, Different Day took the spotlight the final evening. But what was to mostly be a night of me reading from the booklet turned into a wonderful sharing session. Heidi spoke at length about her son Eli, and the pictures she provided were a wondeful touch. Jen shared a poem she wrote which made everyone cry. My Mom shared a newspaper article with a very positive outlook. Mike gave an anecdote that was also quite inspiring. And several others joined in the converation as well.

That's what it's about, after all: the sharing and support we all give each other as loved ones experiencing the same "different" days. Sure, all our kids are at different places on the spectrum. Some of us embrace the public and can't wait to enlighten others. Then there are those families however, who have decided that home is the best place to stay; and maybe these events didn't change that way of thinking at all. We're hopeful that they did, but if not, our number one goal was to show you that we're in this together.

No two ASD kids are alike, and it's those differences that bring us together. If all we showed our new friends is that they have someone to turn to, then the entire month was worth it.

Either way, see you next April!

~ Jon