Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to Same Child, Different Day

Same Child, Different Day: One family's experiences during the first year after a child's autism diagnosis is a 50-page booklet that was written by the father and family of a child with autism.

The title refers to the essence of the experience: Though your life and lifestyle will be an ever-changing journey, nothing about your child is any different, simply because of an autism diagnosis. The manual is meant to provide some insight into what you might experience during this first confusing year. It in no way shows what will definitely happen to your family or your child or suggest what you are bound to experience; but it does share with you some of what we encountered. Of course, your results will vary.

In Same Child, Different Day you'll find:
[] Casual, entertaining (and sometimes even humorous) anecdotes
[] Practical information from parents dealing with autism every day
[] Useful concepts and terms you are likely to encounter
[] Encouraging suggestions to help you get through each day
[] A starter list of useful references you should find helpful
[] And much more

If you're part of a group or organization serving families of autistic childern --- or you simply have more questions about this informative booklet, please send an email to: for answers, pricing and bulk ordering information.

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