Thursday, December 25, 2008

Same Child, Different Day Content

I purposely started out Same Child, Different Day (SCDD) as a booklet. There are plenty of wonderful books on the subject of autism, and you should read them when you get the chance. But I wanted to create something that is thorough yet concise, that wouldn't be overwhelming while at the same time would provide enough information to be useful. Hopefully that's what I achieved.

Here's what I touched on in 8 chapters:
  • From One Parent to Another: In this chapter you'll find a brief introduction and a short anecdote. Two points are touched on that make up the foundation for the manual; that this in no way is representative of what you will encounter --- I only try to give you our experiences as an example of what you might run into; and that, though you can expect changes every day, your child is not one of them --- hence the title Same Child, Different Day. The brief anecdote is titled The Hair Cut, and is an experience that's representative of our every day
  • The Realities: Again, changes are the focus of this chapter. I also provide you with a list of almost 30 concepts and terms, a list that just scratches the surface, but you should find helpful. There's also an anecdote entitled Same Child, Different Day (you get the picture)
  • In Now That You Have a Diagnosis, I try to explain what the label means (and what it doesn't). I share with you some practical information and include an excerpt entitled The Database that you should find useful
  • Now, About Those Lifestyle Changes is a more in-depth look at what you might expect or even encounter. I try to provide you with some coping suggestions and share with you: The Mall Incident (quite funny, if I do say so myself), The Run-in (about people who are full of wonderful suggestions for you), The Comment (sometimes people just don't understand) and She Said That? (even professionals can say the darnedest things)
  • Bed Time is self-explanatory and includes an anecdote called Dread Time
  • The Unknown: This could easily have been the title of the booklet itself. I share with you the World of Random and a story about The First Meltdown
  • You can't forget to take a little time out for YOU. A Little Something for You tries to explain that it's okay to forgive yourself while being yourself
  • There's even a References section with book suggestions and website & mailing addresses to just a few of the most helpful places
This is an overview of SCDD --- I hope it's enough to entice you into a few copies for your group or organization.

Let me know.


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