Monday, December 22, 2008

Same Child, Different Day: Special Recognition

I talk like I created this booklet completely on my own. And while I did write, publish and print it pretty much solo, I couldn't have put a clean, finished product together without the invaluable help of some truly gracious people. Page 5 pays tribute to those special folks.

~My family has been terribly supportive, sometimes to the point of their own frustration. I stayed up for hours on end to get this completed, and sometimes took precious time from their own days. In the end, their patience made for a wonderful completed project.

~Heather Todd and Joannah Cornell of Kids on the Move (Rutland, VT) provided invaluable guidance in making the booklet an accurate read. They, along with several others and KOTM, have also been instrumental in helping Nolan cruise more smoothly along his path. They are directly responsible for his success and the success of this manual.

~Jenn gave me great proofreading assistance; Dean saw enough value in this project and let me have free use of the super-copier; Gwen provided invaluable tutoring on how to use said copier; and Vicky gets special credit for sharing her life with Corey. Thanks to all of you!

~And Finally, a special dedication goes out to Nolan: for years I've been writing without direction. Though I should and could have done something like this long ago, you inspired me to make it a reality. This booklet is for you, buddy.

~Jon (aka: Dad)

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