Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Same Child, Different Day" Site Closing: Where to go now

Because of the useful and relevant information it provides, "Same Child, Different Day" will stay up and available. However, I will no longer be monitoring this site. Our life has taken a different direction, and I've developed two new blogs to reflect that.

"Read All You Want" is my writing blog, and I will be using it as a writing portfolio as well. It has autism anecdotes, but now only as they pertain to my writing. Please click here to see what it has to offer.

The second blog, "Our Journey, Our Way," touches on how autism affects us as we travel through life: to restaurants, bowling alleys, arcades, beaches, parks, theme parks and any other travel experience.  Please check it out, and feel free to share and comment.

In fact, please share this post, and bring your and our friends to another look at life with autism spectrum disorders.

Thanks for your loyal support, and I look forward to traveling with you and writing for you on my other blogs.

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