Sunday, July 20, 2014

Same Child, Different Day: Several Years Louder

I have been threatening for years to write a sequel to the booklet SCDD.  Well, time's up!  I've started writing the full-length follow-up book, aptly titled Same Child, Different Day: Several Years Louder.  When I wrote the original, I was looking for a way to cope with Nolan's diagnosis and make sense of the new world to which we were introduced.

"Several Years Louder" came about because so much has changed within our family, the local, state-wide and national autism community, our understanding of autism and our child himself.  Also, our youngest daughter was later diagnosed and I began working directly with those living with autism.  It's been an interesting trip, to say the least.

If you've spent any time here reading what I have to say, you know that, apart from this blog, I've been writing since long before personal computers were a Thing.  With Life being the fickle creature she is, though, I've never really been able to make writing work for me, let alone being able to work for writing.  Unable to commit the time necessary to making a living from writing, I've jumped from one false start to another, never really completing what I'd like to, and looking like a fickle creature myself.

I decided recently that, if I'm to make writing work, I'll have to do it full time.  "But," said the tiny but loud logical side of my brain, "if you do this full time, without immediate fiduciary recompense, however will you eat?"  "Good point," I said to Logic Brain.  So, I decided to try something I'd heard of, but knew little about.

I launched a Kickstarter campaign, with the hopes that, when fully funded, I'll be able to commit all of my time and resources to nothing but "Several Years Louder."  If the backers come through, and I have no doubt that they will, I'll be able to invest all of my efforts toward making the book happen.  That said, I'd appreciate it if you would help me make this our book.

Please visit the link below.  Check out all the pages, the rewards, the links within the project and my high quality, professionally made video (no professionally made).  Then if you feel good about the project, please share share share it with others who could benefit from all the book will have to offer.

I appreciate your interest and involvement.  Here's to a successful campaign.

All the best,

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