Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vermont Autism Insurance Reform Bill: S-262

Oh my gosh! In Blogdom, I have committed the ultimate sin: it has been nearly two months since I have posted! I'd might as well just board up the windows and put a chain on the doors.

Or I could explain to you that, between starting a business (which is a much more consuming task than I could have ever imagined) and pushing for autism reforms in my home state of Vermont, I have been overwhelmingly busy. Not an excuse, but I assure you, it has not been time wasted.

As many of you know --- and some of you may not --- services for autism are not currently covered by insurance companies in many states, including Vermont. A bill has been introduced to assure this requirement. At this time however, though the legislators really want to help, they are getting pressure from lobbyists not to do anything now. We are in need of help in getting your support (and that of your representatives and senators) for VT autism insurance bill S-262.

Please call your legislator and the chair of this committee. If you are also a constituent of anyone else on this committee, please call them! Every call counts in tiny Vermont!There are talking points below of why we need this. Please write a handwritten note or a phone call (they count!) to the senators below. This is the week before crossover; when they decide whether to send it to the House or not.

Listen to our recent radio show about this issue with Anne Barbano of "Living the Autism Maze" here: http://livingtheautismmaze.com/radiator_021710.mp3

The narrative of the bill can be read here...or here: http://www.autismvotes.org/atf/cf/%7B2A179B73-96E2-44C3-8816-1B1C0BE5334B%7D/VT%20S-262%20-%20as%20introduced.pdf

The members of the Senate Finance Committee can be found here: Members

Their email addresses can be found by clicking here: Emails

Thanks to all of you and PLEASE HELP where you can and contact me if you need more information.


Jen said...

Best wishes for the new business, I hope it goes well:) Jen

Deanna said...

Oh my gosh Jon, I'm so embarrassed at my lateness in getting here - I'm so sorry! Thanks so much for these links, I really needed to hear the radio show, (especially considering we live in VA), and need even more to get involved with this effort to get our children the help they need.
Kudos to you for all you're doing to help get this bill passed, not only for Nolan, but for so many other families living with autism. It's so easy to turn away, saying we don't know anything about the law in general, and that makes it all the more admirable when people like you do everything in your power to get something done. I hope your efforts pay off, and soon!

Jon G said...


Thanks for you your support. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

Jon G said...


Thanks for all you do ... spreading the word if the best form of advertisement!

It's always nice to hear from you!