Saturday, December 22, 2012

Same Child Different Day, Back from a Break and New Information

I’m sad that it has been 10½ months since my last post.  There was a point in time when I was able to commit day and night to this blog.  I was sharing what you wanted to hear, and you made it successful.  However, as it often does, life slid in behind the wheel and steered us down a different road.

The bad news started with losing my 9-to-5 in January, which by itself can stifle one’s enthusiasm.  However, I immediately signed up for college courses, working toward my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and I began looking for another job.  Along with meeting the requirements of the Department of Labor, the college courses have been research and writing intensive, so I have appropriated much of my authoring time to that.

Since then, I was also fortunate to have been invited to co-develop an autism resource center (ARCTIC: Autism Recognition Care Training and Information Center) at our local Vermont Achievement Center (VAC).  Creating the proposal, cultivation of the facility and duties as the Coordinator of Autism Resources has added to my list of chores.  I also host the blog for the autism support group (Celebrate the Autism Spectrum) at VAC, and the organization offered me a position as an Education Instruction Assistant in their school for children with autism.  So, I have been deeply immersed in self-enrichment as well as continuing advocacy and education projects.

In reality I have only taken a break from the duties of "Same Child, Different Day" for a short while.  While I’m not completely happy with that, at least I have been in front of continuing to help folks.  In the end, that’s what’s most important to me.

If you would still like to order a copy of the booklet Same Child, Different Day, or to email me personally, click here.  If you or someone you know would like to more information about our Rutland, VT area autism resource center, the school, the support group or our other blog, please click on this link.

Thanks and welcome back!


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