Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Florida "Teacher" Suspended for Autism Vote Reinstated

OMG! What are they thinking? Recently Wendy Portillo, a kindergarten teacher from Port St. Lucie, Florida, decided to put to a vote from her students, whether or not an autistic child should be allowed to stay in the classroom. The kids voted 14-2 against the child, and the teacher was later suspended from the classroom.

Good first step, right? Yeah, well...

...seems the school board has decided to REINSTATE this dummy and relocate her to sixth grade. Yeah, that'll help.

This stupidhead is still being allowed to teach because she has tenure, and doesn't see the error of her ways. And the school board was freaking unanimous in their decision to let her back on board. Can you believe it?

So, you have a six year old kid in your class who is disruptive of the other kids, and you ask them to vote on whether or not the child should be allowed to stay in. No parental involvement. You don't ask the school clinician. The principal isn't brought on board. You just arbitrarily ask your students to make the decision. I'm sorry but, who is this moron?

If the kid was a distraction because of his clothing, or wheelchair, or burn scars, or speech impediment, or --- God forbid --- skin color, would this teacher have committed the same moronic decision? Hard to say, since it happened once with this child. But I guess worse than her choice was the choice of the school board to --- again I say --- unanimously decide that, sure, she's a great teacher and should be allowed to traipse back into a classroom and be allowed to wield her judgemental opinions on any child that happens through the door.

All this after a judge upheld her loss of tenure! Woe unto any child who doesn't fit this anus' mold (if you can't tell, she's pissed me off). And "teacher"? What is it that she teaches her students? Intolerance? Judgement? Discrimination? Stupidity? The voting process?

Please link this story, post about it, make it known, Tweet and Retweet it...Email (you can get a list of departments by clicking here) or phone the Port St. Lucie school board (772-340-7100 by the way).

Please sound off...let me know what you think! And I'll link your stories back here if you post them, k?

Thanks for indulging me.



Deanna Schrayer said...

This is absolutely appalling! I'm so glad you posted this Jon; otherwise, I would've known nothing about it. I will certainly holler all I can and send people over here to read.
Interesting, I've just posted a blog saying that I'm taking some time away from writing to put forth more time on my job, but there's no way I can Not write about this. It's outrageous!
I'm sure you know too that I will write their school board, and it won't be a short rant.

Jon G said...

I knew this would rile you, Deanna --- I hope more people get p.o.'ed, too. This is disgusting and I hope more than you know, that the teacher finds this blog and tries to come here to defend herself. If I can get time to locate her email address, I'll invite her to chime in.

Corrie Howe said...

I'll link back to you in tomorrow's post. Are you thinking what I was thinking? What's going to happen when that same kindergarten student reaches sixth grade?

Deanna Schrayer said...

Posted my thoughts on blog and tweeted twice so far.
I hope she finds it too.
Corrie, I wondered the same thing.

Jon G said...

Corrie! Awesome perspective...I had NOT thought of that point. Check out waht Deanna has to say about the same thing here:

Jon G said...

Deanna, thanks for the linked post. I'll be re-Tweeting it now.

Corrie Howe said...

Jon, I finally gave up on a not to be named website wouldn't publish the review. I ran it on my own blog. Come by and see it.

Corrie Howe said...

I also posted the same review at Autism Sucks.

Jon G said...


I'll create a port about this later! Thanks for the wonderful support!